Top 4 Male Enlargement Options

by Jay Simms

Posted on November 1, 2018 at 07:15 PM

top 4 enlargement methods

Making your erections larger is often a difficult procedure and truthfully there’s no fast answer that will work wonders for everyone. For many who are simply searching for an effective way to append an inch or two, there are just a handful of confirmed strategies that can be tried.


One serious option is the awesome penile extender. This tool forces the shaft to lengthen through the power of traction force. This effective technique is very old and proven again and again.

Only one big issue is choosing the best extender. You’ll only get a good device if you spend some money. These products are usually in the $200 to $300 dollar range.

A few systems come complete with all the accessories that you’ll need to be comfortable while also bringing the best results.

If do a little research then finding a good extender is fairly easy; study the product critiques and quality rankings by actual owners in advance of purchasing one. Never opt for some low priced, no-name brand. The system must be manufactured of top-quality components that can endure a great deal of use.

Penile shaft stretchers are ideal in that they work slowly over time and thus make the process painless. Unfortunately, the process takes many weeks and results only occur if you are dedicated. However, in time you’ll be granted with more length.


penile pumps

Vacuum type pumping products have actually existed for around 100 years. Initially these devices were to help with erection quality; however, the simple fact is that they can build size as well. In time, permanent increases can be achieved.

One problem is selecting a good one. There are way too many penile pumps available and choosing one can be hard. Remember that not all are manufactured to the same standards. A $15 device is not going to deliver the same results as a $150 unit. Try to stick with a product that has great reviews and consumer ratings.

I recommend looking into Penomet because it’s uncomplicated and does not require you to have an erection prior to usage. This is a huge feature since it will not interfere with your erections at all.

I would like you to look at my full Penomet review on this website – CLICK HERE.

Really, I favor the Penomet over the others due to it being a bit nicer in my view. This pump works perfectly and generating excellent erection firmness and size is fast, fun and easy!

I might also point out that the Penomet products can be used with air or water. You will want to use warm water to get good results.


Unique stretching and massaging exercises can add size to the male member. If you are on a tight budget and want to avoid using pumps and extenders, then try this method.

The strategy is simple: stretch and mash the internal parts of your manhood to encourage further growth. Basically, what is happening is not only stretching tissues, but forcing cells to divide and multiply. In doing this some claim to have gained an inch or more. This approach does take time and lots of dedication though.

In all reality, if you can afford a good pump then you can get results much quicker and with just as much safety.

exercise your manhood


Erection enhancing supplements are useful but they will not bring about a significant change in overall size. Consider buying this type of product only if you need a boost in sex-drive and erection stiffness.

Some websites try to sell you male enhancers claiming you will see an increase in size. Don’t fall for their tricks as you will not get permanent gains in length or girth from any male supplement.


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Good info. Keep up the good work!
Is the penomet or extender best?
Jay Simms
I would recommend the penomet becasue it provides fun and fast results. Extenders takes lots of time and are not fun :(
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