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The web server automatically records data as revealed above and is managed by the hosting business that delivers this service. Consequently, this recording feature is outside my control and I have no idea exactly how long this information is kept or if it is applied in a fashion that I’m not knowledgeable of.

I do not monitor people beyond this blog. The information collected as revealed above is made use of by me to assess traffic figures and modify this blog to better satisfy my visitors and ideally gain more.

Whenever you submit a message or write a comment I do not keep any personally identifying details. Ones e-mail address is tossed out just after use. Clearly, only ones name or handle might be kept when making a comment on the blog.

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Hello, I'm Jay Simms and this is my Penomet blog.

I'm a retired medical professional with many years of practical experience.

I hope that you find this website both fun and informative.

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